🎤 Portrait d'apprenant : Adrian 🚀 | mae & le web
What was your journey before BeCode? Few years before BeCode I was going trough a "promotion social" learning process for a electrician certification. I had the chance to finish my study and receive this certification which enabled me the possibility of continuing with an internship and then also start working. But as you can see now, I never liked the job and it was kind of forced on me because of my life situation. How did you live your training at BeCode? As one of the First BeCode student I didn't expect much out of it in the beginning. I just wanted something new, something that would put my future on a new path. In few words, I liked the whole course very much. The collaboration with other students and team working were very nice. But also the kind of "familial" atmosphere that we made at Anderlecht, it was never in my mind at the beginning of the process that we could achieve that much as a group! Technically, what did you learn? Those questions are kind of tricky for me because