ABOUT | Almost A Writer
Hello! My name is Lyza. I have been blogging since 2007. PURSUITS. I have been in different blog niche already and this is my first time to use Wordpress. Also, it looks like I am here to stay! Blogging for myself for a decade was fun but I felt exhausted, and eventually lost the purpose of it. I found my purpose last 2017 when I said 'YES' to Jesus as my Lord and Savior. I have picked myself up from where I left and now I am writing for Him! I used to blog as a venting space and believe me, I have been in trouble a couple of times already because of it. Lol. I also dreamt of having my own website and by the Grace of God, here it is - Knowing that Jesus loves me above and beyond my imperfections give me that overflowing joy of making Him known! I love movies, US series, books, digital arts, and polaroids. I also accept Ghostwriting jobs whenever God permits. I currently serve as a Chronicle Writer in CCF Eastwood and a Facilitator in B1G Ministry of CCF Center. PASSION.