Serve Wholeheartedly | Almost A Writer
I love doing volunteer work. I was raised with altruistic values and I realized that the Scriptures give life to my volunteer work. While reflecting further, I also realized that you cannot fully give yourself to service if there's no compassion in your heart; the kind of compassion that comes from the immense love of Jesus. I firmly believe that we cannot give what we do not have and it is only possible to serve when we are look to the One who served us by saving us from death. Last Sunday's message spoke about something that touched me, both on a spiritual and personal level. I used to think that serving God through proclaiming His words is one of the most difficult tasks as a Christian; it opens yourself up to all sorts of anxiety and fears of rejection. But as I started to learn more and grow deeper in Christ, my thoughts shifted; I realized that one's efforts solely done "alone" — apart from God's grace — will never be enough. If done without