How to Stay Motivated to Accomplish Anything | Almost A Writer
Nowadays, attention span and focus are becoming a rare luxury to everyone. No matter how big or small the task is, we are having difficulties in accomplishing something due to the distractions from technically, everywhere. Day after day, we tend to find the purpose why we are alive and as relational beings, we always try to find it from somebody else or somewhere else wherein we could find at least new motivation to keep moving forward. In this digital age, we get distracted so easily and anxiety levels shoot up whenever we hear notification alerts from mobile devices. Another thing that affects the generation's motivation is the misleading shortcuts of success. These are the things people would market to the generation which seems like there is a shortcut to success – one or few clicks and you'll be a millionaire and it would require minimal effort on our end; Which brings us to the point that today's generation is quite slacking off with the hard work. Motivation and actually