Firm Foundation | Almost A Writer
The message last Sunday impressed deeply in my heart that having a firm foundation on God's word and on God alone are absolute essentials in my Christian life. As we all know, living the Christian life is not difficult; it is impossible — especially when our faith is not set on strong foundation. Ptr. Beebo emphasized this repeatedly, and I have reflected on it for quite a while. It is with this strong foundation that I consider serving the Lord — both through writing in the Chronicle and through being a facilitator in the B1G Ministry — to be a privilege. It has always been ingrained in me to seek God's will in my life as a servant-leader. It has been a year since I started serving, and looking back at all of the hurdles and shortcomings that I've faced in ministry, I stand amazed because I am still here by the grace of God. I have also been challenged to lead a group of 4 wonderful ladies, whose relationships with the Lord continue to grow. Maturing in my own walk and serving