6 Major Benefits of Book Reading | Almost A Writer
In this fast-paced generation, in order for everyone to keep up, everything needs to be essentially concise, quick, and instant. With everything going digital, a lot has drastically changed even in the literature and it requires shorter versions of almost everything and hoping it for long-term retention. When was the last time you actually hold, read, and finish a physical book? While it is true that we only experience an actual book-reading in schools as an academic requirement, it is also a known fact that there are major benefits why you should still continue to read a book even without academic bounds. BRAIN EXERCISE Reading books can simply tickle your mind and stimulate your brain. This is because you won't really notice that you are already imagining the scenarios and picturing everything in your mind. Amusing as it may seem, reading books is a bridge between the author and the readers. Reading books can activate your left side of the brain for the creativity and right side