A Brand New Year | Almost A Writer
Happy New Year, my dearest readers! As 2019 has officially started, let me welcome this new year with this post. I know that I have just started to blog again this year - although not 'that' consistent - I still consider this as one of the greatest blessings given to me. I woke up today in a different bed, no, in a different house. Actually, I am in a different place. It is my first time to spend the New Year away from my mom, my family, and my comfort zone. Surprisingly, my mom allowed me to be in this trip and I never thought I would actually 'be'at this moment. I am spending my New Year here in Ifugao, my boyfriend's hometown, together with his sisters and their own families. The signal reception is not that reliable and stable yet I am thankful for the offline times. Honestly, I was having a difficulty finding the right photo to summarize my 2018. Lol. I was browsing through my photos for the year and I realized that my 2018 has not been easy yet a lot to be thankful for. God. All