Wonderful CHRISTmas! | Almost A Writer
Christmas is one of my favorite events in a year. Honestly, I am excited for Christmas because of the opportunities it gives to our family to gather and spend time with each other. I also like Christmas because of the gifts I buy and share to the rest of the family; It is like a special time of the year that I can be acceptably intentional to everyone when it comes to spending gifts. Learning the message from last Sunday reminded me of the same old lesson that I know I have to face sooner or later – the application of everything I am continuously learning. I already know that Christmas is not just about gifts and material things but to commemorate the One true savior sent to save us. Deep in my heart, I know that I will never deserve that gift of Salvation but as I continue my walk with the Holy Spirit, I am always humbled by the overflowing love and grace after grace after grace. Having Jesus Christ as a gift to us by God the Father is something I took for granted back then and I