Be A Hero by Being a Hero-Maker! | Almost A Writer
First of all, Congratulations to all GLC Graduates! It was an honor and it gave me great joy to see you grow in your love for the Lord by learning His ways and finally, publicly committing yourselves to continue God's work on a larger scale. I always admire GLC graduates and I see graduating from the different levels of this program as one of the most meaningful accomplishments one can attain. Going back to the message last Sunday, though, I was amused by it as I was comparing it to the leadership programs I have been facilitating with my participants. Leaders have somehow been associated with heroism as they are expected to put others' well-being and interests first before their own. They also need to deal with portraying a degree of courage necessary to lead, similar to the kind of courage heroes have. It was surprising to realize that the Bible contains everything thereis to know about leadership and no doubt, Jesus was the best embodiment ofleadership. It is really