God Loves a Cheerful Giver | Almost A Writer
Last Sunday's message allowed me to examine the condition of my heart when it comes to giving. I agree that even as a child of God, I tend to forget Who has been providing for me day by day; we are all work-in-progress when it comes to tithing and in all kinds of giving. Ptr. Mel reminded us to check our heart's motive in giving and I felt guilty about never having about how much I should be giving back to God; this was, indeed, a wake-up call for me. Giving truly reveals the condition of our hearts (MOTIVE). Even though I have been practicing tithing, I have never thought of actually giving more monetarily, on top of my time and talents. It dawned on me that a true follower of Christ volunteers his/her time, talents, and treasures. It was an eye-opener for me that even Ptr. Mel was transparent about his own experiences and struggles with giving. This is the first time I really came to appreciate God's design for tithing; I used to understand it simply as a command and proof of