Joyfully Obeying the Real Reason for the Season! | Almost A Writer
Merry Christmas fellow brothers and sisters in Christ! What a joyful experience to have this opportunity to serve the Lord on His birthday! What is Christmas to you? I remembered last year when I was measuring my happiness in the amount of money and number of gifts I will receive. Back then, my source of joy is purely on the temporary things like material things, money, and even the affection from a special someone. However, hearing this message made me realize that I was a totally different person back when I haven't met Jesus and that I have already received the BEST gift ever - and that is my salvation. Truly, what a joy to be reminded of the right path where I am today. Through Ptr. Jess' message, we were reminded that God wants us to be happy not in our own way - but in His own way and we must fix our joy in the source and that is Jesus. God wanted us to not fear (Luke 2:10-11) because we can never experience the joy if we succumb to fear. Even though God already impressed to our