STRIPPER — “Pretty much everyone involved here either gets to take advantage of or be a desperate woman.” - Lynsey G
STRIPPER Vivid Entertainment Directed by Paul Thomas, filmed by B. Skow (if that fuckin’ matters) 2 hours, 36 minutes STRIPPERS AND SWORDSMEN Monique Alexander, Shawna Lenee, Jaelyn Fox, Darryl Hannah, Greg Sterling, Anthony Rosano, Jerry, Nick Manning, and Stephanie Swift It’s kind of beautiful the way one film can so easily encapsulate all the hopes and dreams of a nation, boil them down to their naked and sexy bits, cast some startlingly attractive performers to act out the roles, and weave a beautiful tale of sex, sex, more sex, and a little more sex that sets everything to rights, just like we always hoped. This one kind of brought a tear of love for our misogynist and fucked up society to my eye; it’s really quite a beautiful thing—like dirty and dusty coal being compressed and compressed until it becomes a sparkling diamond, Stripper pushed American sexual values into an easily digestible two and a half hours, cleaned them up, shaved off most of their pubic hair, gave them spray tans, and pumped out one lovely, mind-numbing, five-roper of a jizz jubilee onto my brains—all while teaching a valuable lesson. Couched in fairy tale terminology, the moral of the story [...]