Review: The F*ck It List by Kevin Pryslak
Reviewed by Poppy Johnson Let’s start with the facts--The F*ck It List: All The Things You Can Skip Before You Die is hilarious. We all despise other people’s glorious tales about the exciting to them but boring to us travels, their “this or that” some friend just purchased, or the Lifetime Achievement goals someone else just achieved. Who needs it, the having to be happy for other people for their trumped up triumphs? Who needs a bucket list anyway and why do we need to list all of the crap that we will likely never achieve or be able to afford in our average lives? Kevin Pryslak flows the idea of a formalized, notarized "Bucket List” that can be promptly thrown out the window, or alternatively, in the toilet. And man, it definitely felt good to do this and take my life back--to get rid of the expectations and the "scores" to exceed. This list to forget is an alternative to making a list of stupidly unattainable activities that most people will never get to do but that they will feel