#How To Do A Book Review | Lucian Bane
Book Review Phobias Pezibear / Pixabay You're standing at the Red Box, picking out a movie and there's a woman behind you, giving you her opinions of various movies. "Ohhhh, Edge of Tommorow was really good." "Was it?" "Oh my God yes, I usually don't like Tom Cruise, I got burnt out on all his Mission Impossibles, loved him in War of the Worlds and Vanilla Sky AND this." "So it was a good story?" "Yes! I suck at reviews and don't know where to begin, I just know I was really impressed with it. I know this kind of story has been done to death in other movies, or so I think it has, and really wasn't expecting to be impressed, but trust me, you'll love it if you like action. And it's even funny, I just really enjoyed it." **** While she didn't really give me a whole lot of details, I click BUY strictly based on her enthusiasm. I now need to find out WHAT they did to make her like this movie so much. But that's a movie, this is a book! I'm not a WRITER! I'M A READER! I feel you, I do. And