Pocket Apocalypse: Hollow | LSRadio - Liverpool Student Radio
There are many things to get excited about then listening to 'Hollow' from Mersey rockers Pocket Apocalypse. First of all, it's refreshing to hear this sound coming from a Liverpool based band. With work under way from promoters such as Erstwhile looking to encourage and represent music falling on the heavier side in Liverpool, bands like Pocket Apocalypse could well have a future in this shift of attention to these kinds of music in the city. Their guitar sound and approach to riffs is very similar to London 3 piece Arcane Roots. With tons of attitude, hints of discord and an air of math about it, this is not a bad comparison to draw and will make Pocket Apocalypse an instant favorite for anyone who is a fan of the alternative rock with 'a hint of math' sound. The drums find that balance between playing just enough to make it interesting whilst also not over complicating and ruining what is quite a meaty riff that travels through the spine of the track. The lyrics also find a natural