Cherry Ghost @ The Kazimier, 22.12.14 | LSRadio - Liverpool Student Radio
Image Credit: SilentRadio ''A true bard of modern times, Aldred as Cherry Ghost performed for his audience with the utmost professionalism and love for his work, a work which even if the end is proving to be nearer than many would hope, will nonetheless be remembered and cherished with a great fondness and appreciation'' Promoted as one of only two special Christmas shows to be hosted by Bolton-based Cherry Ghost, aka Simon Aldred, and set alongside the growing strength in talk surrounding the impending dissolution of the band, lead to an evening tempered with both hope and expectation. Since the release of 2007's Thirst For Romance, Aldred has nurtured a reputation as a poet as much as a musician. To many, he has proven himself as one of the UK's most distinct and evocative artists over the course of not only Cherry Ghost, but also his other alias, Out Cold. With the future of The Kazimier also somewhat clouded by rumours and uncertainty, this evening saw both performer and venue