Marie White – Coffee House Session 21/11/17 | LSRadio - Liverpool Student Radio
Last week I had the opportunity to speak to the amazing Marie White straight after her gig for the Coffee House Sessions at the Liverpool Guild of students. This was an exciting tour for Marie, as she has never really ventured out of her home town of Hastings to perform her music! The 22-year old's quirky style really shone on stage, wearing her odd shoes and bright socks accompanied by her guitar! Her individual style and down-to-earth presence definitely translated later on in our conversation. Her performance consisted of mostly orginal songs, a brave move, but one that definitely paid off! After her gig we then had a good old chat about the tour itself, her experience performing in front of a new crowd, which Marie commented on being massively different from her loyal fan base at home, all in preparation for the anticipated release of her first single 'I want to know you'. This song happened to be one of my favourites in her set, and Marie commented on the very personal nature of