Comedy Central Live Presents COMEDY CLUB (2nd February 2017) // @ The Cellar Liverpool Guild of Students | LSRadio - Liverpool Student Radio
On a windy Thursday night, I headed down to The Cellar at the Liverpool Guild of Students to catch the Comedy Club, a production of Off the Kerb and Comedy Central Live to bring students laughs and a good time. And like the tagline said, "sublime stand-up for students". If you've never been to The Cellar, you'd probably be as shocked as I was, it was a neat little basement space fitted for roughly 400 people. The way the seating arrangements were set out made it to be a rather intimate interaction between the audience and the performer on stage. I cleverly chose the third row for reasons I will share with you now. The show started with a bang as Michael Legge waltzed in to stir the audience up in preparation for the two upcoming acts. He acts as the inbetweener and does a brilliant job at it. So, my advice, don't (or do!) sit on the front row - because THEY. WILL. PICK. ON. YOU. And there's really nowhere to run because once the first act has got their eye on you, the later acts would