Bongo's Bingo Returns | LSRadio - Liverpool Student Radio
Missed out on your chance to win a Henry Hoover later this month? The Guild's student-only hosting of Bongo's Bingo this November predictably sold out in a flash, but luckily they have announced today another date for the return of Jonny Bongo and sidekicks. On the 17th of December it's back for a Christmas special, just in time to kick off the holidays. As the event page suggests, "with no Monday lectures you have no excuse!". Attendees can expect the full experience, including but not limited to singalongs and the infamous rave rounds. The event was launched back in 2015 and quickly went from cult hit to a nightlife revolution, with the team setting up nights all over the country- and even in Australia. Whether you want your first go at the game or are a seasoned regular, tickets go on sale on the Guild webite on Friday at 12 pm. Get on it! Image Courtesy of