Beautiful Mutants ;-) How to Recognize Your Extraordinary Gifts and Abilities | Love Your Creativity
How to Recognize Your Extraordinary Gifts and Abilities. Love this post! So beautiful mutants, who become that from the passion and time they put into their chosen area, go be extra superhero-powery this weekend. (hmm maybe my gift is not in making up words a la William Shakespeare who apparently added 1500 words to the English language.. and thousands of sayings that are used 400 years on such as All that glitters is not gold and Bated breath (The Merchant of Venice) Neither a borrower nor a lender be (Hamlet) Brave new world (The Tempest) A dish fit for the gods (Julius Caesar) Full circle (King Lear) Love is blind (Merchant of Venice) The world's my oyster (Merry Wives of Windsor) A direct quote from the post above 'Those incredible dancers, charismatic speakers, masterful teachers to celebrated musicians and entertainers…what often draws us to them are the magical possibilities and experiences they create as a testament to what can happen when we put everything we are into