6 Top Directors on Fighting With Studios, Firing Actors and Quitting Film School; Roundtable | Love Your Creativity
Stage 32 have pointed out to me this great Directors Roundtable from the Hollywood Reporter, some candid comments from 6 directors on directing, self belief, firing actors and growing up. Steve McQueen 'Twelve Years a Slave', Paul Greengrass, 'Captain Phillips' David O. Russell 'American Hustle', Ben Stiller, Alfonso Cuaron ;'Gravity' and Lee Daniels 'The Butler' on explaining long days on set to their kids, getting notes from executives and what made them go behind the camera for the first time. Link to article I have now written 31500 words of my novel, I am determined to get the 50k words mark by Nov 30th and obviously finish this full draft before putting it down) Yeah to me ;-)