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Boobie Beer Pong Drinking Game Boobie Beer Pong from Hott Products. Beer Pong takes on a whole new bouncing boobie feel with the Boobie Beer Pong Play Set! Comes complete with plastic cups and Boobie Pong Balls. This complete little fun pack will help you and your friends get down to some serious wild party fun that is second to none! Features: 20 16 ounces plastic cups, 4 boobie pong balls. Great ice breaker.Extras > Games > Party Games View Item Price: $15.89 CHECK OUT THESE OTHER GAME IDEAS: Face it - the cards you can buy in the greeting card aisle just are not always to the point! The Bachelorette Sexy Spinner card will encourage the recipient in a final fling before the ring. Sexy Spinner on the front of the card can be removed for convenient play. Forget a flat card, make an impact with a Sexy Spinner card!