Femme Fatale - Love Hate Sex Cake
There’s something you need to know… I care little for your ruin. In fact, it’s the very thing I want to secure. I want to spend, devour and break you. I want to feast on your flesh, leaving nothing for another. I want to strip away every vestige of your self-control. I want to stroke your shaft, feel the weight of your thickening and hardening glans, your flesh throbbing, insistent, incessant, my thumb smearing the first pearl of precum across your burnished head, my soft mouth following suit to envelope you, savour you, suck you until I feel the first surge of your seed glossing my lips, my tongue. I want to entwine my fingers around your naked cock, part the plump lips of my sex and feed you into my sodden cunt with an aching slowness that will leave you begging for swiftness, pleading for the knowledge of my …Read more