Is The Palomar the best restaurant in London right now? | Love London | Lifestyle Blog
I often get asked – 'where's somewhere cool to go for dinner in London tonight?' And as a London blogger, obviously I feel loads of pressure to suggest somewhere seriously cool and then panic and reel off like 10 places to cover my ass. But now I have just one. One restaurant to rule them all – and that restaurant is The Palomar. The Palomar is situated in the heart of theatreland and Soho – 34 Rupert Street to be precise. Run by two Israeli-born nightclub entrepreneurs, the restaurant serves up a modern take on Jerusalem inspired food, with influences from Southern Spain, North Africa and Levant added to its melting pot. As soon as you enter The Palomar, you're smacked in the face with its lively atmosphere and general good vibes. Staff are super attentive and friendly in a not too 'try hard' way. It's the kind of place that immediately puts you in a great mood. We sat at the 16-seat Kitchen Bar (you can't reserve a seat in this area – so be prepared to wait a while when it's busy)