Review: Electro (Bottomless) Brunch at Gaucho, Broadgate. | Love London | Lifestyle Blog
The concept of a bottomless brunch is pleasing to me. As someone who LOVES their food (and drink), the opportunity to stuff my face with unlimited amounts of dishes that I haven't had to cook, and free-flowing booze to accompany it, is one that should never be turned down. So, when a good friend booked Gaucho's Electro Brunch for her 30th, I was all in. Now...I am somewhat ashamed to say that I can't remember hearing of Gaucho's brunch before...if I had, I'd forgotten. But it's something you should definitely remember, because it's sensational. And well worth a visit. The table was booked at Gaucho Broadgate for 12pm, and as there were 14 of us, we arrived in stages between 12-12.30. Each booking is for 2 hours - and the first thing I loved was that the clock didn't start at 12, but when we placed our first order. So the early ones just had water and/or coffee until the stragglers arrived, and we dived in. The second lovely thing was the "starters" our lovely Waitress Magda brought