A beautiful brolly for rainy days | Love London | Lifestyle Blog
Think about it. We have an average of 133 rainy days here in London – that's over 1/3 of the year that we spend being sprinkled on from above. And as miserable as that prospect may seem, it needn't be as miserable if you have a really beautiful barrier to protect you and your hair from the elements. And we've discovered a marvellous brand of brollies to help you do that... 'where I'd rather be' was set up by two Aussie girls wanting to escape the ordinary. Fed up with poor quality umbrellas that couldn't be trusted, they designed a world first range of 360° under canopy photo design umbrellas made with high quality materials that are practical and pretty – the unicorn of the fashion arena. The umbrellas retail at £29.99 (classic) and £27.99 (folding). Look up at the underbelly of your brolly and escape your rainy day instantly through a beautiful print of somewhere you'd rather be...Feeling warmer and less pissed off already? Now close your eyes, feel that splash? It's just the