The most amazing Chocolate & Banana Loaf you'll EVER eat… | Love London | Lifestyle Blog
(and it's vegan, gluten, dairy, nut and refined sugar free too. But you would never know) As many of you will know, I took a bit of a break from Blogging (nearly 4 years, in fact) because...I'm no longer the carefree, slightly wild Professional Party Girl I used to be (Gosh, I've been writing this blog a long time) but am now, in fact, a Mummy to the most heavenly little boy you could wish for. Most of the time. Sometimes he can be a little git, but he's 4 and is super cute, so he gets away with it. Anyway. Now that it's my responsibility to look after another human, I've started to take a lot more interest in what goes into his, and my body, as his health is the most important thing to me. I've had a few friends with cancer do extensive research over the last 5 years, and refined sugar is a big no-no (you can see my wonderful friend Alex's blog Wild Ginger here - lots of healthy, post-cancer treats). Which is fine for me, as I don't like sweet things, but try telling a small boy of 4