How To Save A Life… | Love London | Lifestyle Blog
February, 2016. One of the best men - no, best humans I know - sat in a Doctor's office in Ibiza, to be told he had Cancer. And not just any old Cancer. Hell no. This isn't a man to do things by halves. It was stage 4, Pancreatic Cancer. In his words, the Daddy of them all. I met Colin Butts 10 years ago, in his apartment above Cafe Del Mar in Ibiza. My friends were his friends, and he was a Writer we were popping in to see. He was busy writing a script or something, I hadn't paid much attention. But... Colin Butts isn't really someone you don't pay attention to for long. Larger than life, irrepressibly funny, and as it turned out, super talented. We started chatting and a friendship was formed. A couple of months later I was back, we hung out...and this pattern kind of repeated itself, on and off season, in London, Ibiza, Barcelona. Over the years I saw him mentor young Writers, get people jobs, look after drunk girls (cough), give up his own time to help people out, again and again.