What is radiant skin – and how do you get it? | Love London | Lifestyle Blog
We all hear the phrases thrown around in beauty world – radiant skin, gently illuminate, get the glow… But what does radiant skin actually look like and why do we want it? So I went researching. adjective The definition of radiant is glowing, bright and sending out rays.An example of radiant is the beam on a woman's face when she finds out she is having a baby. Say whaaaat? I'm pretty sure by the time they find out they're having a baby, they're probably throwing up, breaking out in acne or stuffing their face with Doritos. SO I did some more googling and figured out that radiant look is basically more healthy, less tired and with a hint of sweat (aka 'glow'). So other than actually sleeping more and being healthy, how do we get that glowy, dewy, radiant look with products alone? I tried some and here are the ones that made a difference… Murad Intensive-C Radiance Peel, £49.50 (still my favourite skincare brand) Not as scary or dramatic as it sounds - this peel reverses