We Love: Girl Meets Dress… | Love London | Lifestyle Blog
This isn't the first time I've written about GMD recently, and probably won't be the last. It's just...well...I'm blown away by their service. And it's not very often you can say that. If you don't know, Girl Meets Dress allow you to hire (for 2 days or a week) fabulous gowns and dresses by top end, luxury designers, that let's face it, most of us can't afford to buy outright! Hire costs start from just £39 - so that's the same price as it costs for something from one of the lower end high street stores. But it's designer. And you'll look fabulous, and blow everyone's minds. Which is what we want on a night out, right?! As well as a huge selection of dresses (with options for New Years Eve, Office Party, Cocktail Party, Ball, Birthday, Wedding Guest and more), they also help out with accessories. From Spanx to handbags, hosiery to hats, you can sort your entire outfit for next to nothing, and never be seen in the same thing twice. Unless you want to. Some things really ARE that good!