Retro Curls: An easy to follow step-by-step video. | Love London | Lifestyle Blog
This isn't a sponsored post or anything , just a video I came across on YouTube that I thought would be interesting to lots of girls - as it was for me. It's a pretty easy to follow step-by-step guide to retro soft curls from John Frieda. I have to say, I like Frizz-Ease, and their Full Repair Perfect Ends lotion, but obviously - use whatever products suit you and your hair best and just follow the styling guide if you prefer. I think what I liked best about this video is the fact the stylist has the model doing bits herself, proving that it isn't impossible without a professional standing behind you. So frustrating trying something out yourself and it turning into a disaster without someone else there to hold he pins or blow dry bits into place. You can also get written instructions here. What do you think of the look - would you try it? Let us know if you have a go, and how it turns out. I may do the same and do a video blog, show the results! x (If you can't see the video, click