Vintage Bicycle Bar pops up in London | Love London | Lifestyle Blog
I saw something about Bicycle Bar pop-up on facebook the other day, clicked into the link and thought to myself 'damn that's a good idea, who thought of that?' Then I scroll down and see it's my very own cousin, Jo Becker along with her partner in crime, Dan Lloyd. So proud. It's well known that us Londoners are always on the look out for a new way to consume a tipple or two – we've had them outta treasure chests, jam jars and teacups…so what's next? It's also known that we're partial to a bike as well – aren't we Boris? Aren't we Hipsters? So kudos to Jo and Daniel for being a very intuitive duo and putting the two together. Bicycle Bar is a quirky new vintage watering hole on wheels, where drinks are served from the baskets of classic butcher's and baker's bicycles. The creative London-based founders, Dan Lloyd and Jo Becker, were inspired by the vintage style of these old trade bicycles that have been used to deliver meat, bread and other staples for more than a century. We love