This Little Lady's Thoughts on a Royal Wedding…. | Love London | Lifestyle Blog
Much as I adore London, there are times when I get a little bit disappointed in our generally shocking attitude to...well...just about everything. We can be a miserable lot. No-one smiles on Public Transport. No-one is polite to local Shop-Keepers or their neighbours. We moan, a lot. Horrid bunch really. Most of the time. This weekend though was completely different. The nation erupted into patriotic madness - and it was fantastic. Neighbourhoods came together for huge street parties, decked out in red, white and blue, fancy dress and Kate and Wills face masks. Pubs opened early and screened the wedding to millions of us. There was more bunting than was frankly necessary and I can honestly say I have never seen so many cupcakes in my life. It was awesome. The wedding itself was a beautiful affair. I love the fact that our young royals mixed historic traditions with modern twists. As predicted, Kate (or is it Catherine now?!) looked stunning in an incredible creation by Sarah Burton for