This Little Lady talks to….Drummond Money-Coutts! | Love London | Lifestyle Blog
TLL's @HelenaFleur met with @TheOfficialDMC last week, to talk magic, London, and, errrm, possibly drool a tiny bit. Here is what happened.... I'm not the nervous type. Nor am I particularly punctual I have to say (despite my best efforts). But there I am, sat at the bar of the beautiful Dover Street Arts Club, a whole five minutes early. The fact that I'm early is, perhaps surprisingly, exactly the thing that's making me nervous. I'm waiting for the dashing aristocrat turned superstar magician Drummond Money-Coutts, who gave me strict instructions to turn up at 1:11pm precisely. Lucky numbers apparently… "Will I be unlucky if I turn up at 1:12?" I'd asked. "Yes you ruddy will", came the response. That's me told… Thankfully, DMC turned up three minutes late himself so I guess it's some consolation to know that we're both cursed if his theory is correct. Drummond first came to my attention a few years ago when mutual friends had told me about his skills as a magician