The Dukan Light Diet: To Du, Or Not To Du? | Love London | Lifestyle Blog
Before we start - please, do not think for a moment that I am about to embark on this diet. Nor am I suggesting any of you should. Personally, I know what I should be/should not be eating for my own health, and of course I would expect anyone reading this to be sensible about embarking on any diet and consult Doctors or Nutritionists so you know what you're doing. OK? Good. The reason for writing is simple. I have always been curious about the Dukan Diet. I'm pretty sure I even did some half-arsed internet research once. But I never quite worked out what it was all about and as with most things, got distracted and moved on. This week, I had an email arrive in my inbox that started: According to the fashion industry elite, the hottest fashion trend, predicted for Spring/Summer 2013, is the peek-a-boo crop top. I read that and shuddered. This is one of those trends that will suit so few people, but be adopted by SO MANY. My personal opinion is that if you're over the age of about 23