Show Me Your Bras, Ladies! | Love London | Lifestyle Blog
So, it's no secret that at the moment, my boobs are the bane of my life. They are pesky, useless and painful and quite frankly, good for nothing. I haven't worn a bra for weeks (except for the super soft ahh bras in emergencies!) and I look at my extensive underwear collection in disdain, knowing that it's rather unlikely I will ever be wearing some pieces again. Shame. They're very pretty (mostly...) But even before the "issues" with my rack, in all truth, I probably only wore 20% of the bra's I own. Some aren't so comfy. Others just get forgotten about. I have some left over from pre-boob job (GRRRR), tucked away at the back for absolutely no reason at all. They just lurk there, wasting precious space. There's not really anything to do with old bra's though, is there? I mean, we pay decent money for them, so aren't all that keen on just throwing them away, even if they do never see the light of day. They're an intimate undergarment - we don't just want to throw them in with the daily