Shop of the Week : Karen Millen | Love London | Lifestyle Blog
I am standing outside Karen Millen in Covent Garden. It's so busy...full of tourists trying to find the opera house. I ignore them and hope they never find it. I am terrible, quite often give out wrong directions just for the hell of it...and because it makes me smile. Naughty. Before I tell you the reason Karen Millen has been chosen as my "Shop Of The Week", I must first tell you a little bit about me and "Karen". I have always had a bit of an indifferent relationship with our Karen. In the past, I've always thought that if all else fails, I can always run into KM and get a dress that will do for whatever occasion I have been asked to find a dress for. They have always been my back up...not a first choice. Like insurance I guess. "Oh, yes, that dress doesn't work on you. Let me run to KM and find something similar". This time though, I walked into the store in Covent Garden and was pleasantly surprised from the word go. The smiles on the faces of the helpful staff make it a pleasant