Tomorrow Makes Me Happy. It's National Burger Day! | Love London | Lifestyle Blog
If you are a normal person, it's highly probable you'll bloody love burgers. A good burger is a thing of beauty. A meaty, juicy patty, topped with oozy, bubbly melty cheese...and scattered with whatever toppings float your gorgeous boat. Of course, it needs to be encased by a soft, tasty bun, lightly toasted and coated in those gorgeous burger juices so that it's delicious, but not soggy. Writing about burgers makes me fricking hungry. If only I could wait until tomorrow... BECAUSE IT'S NATIONAL BURGER DAY. YAY! So what is National Burger Day? Well. That's easy. It's a day to celebrate the magnificence of the humble, and not so humble burger...and get 20% off while you much them too. Pretty damn cool. So. What do you have to do to get your 20% off burgers nationwide? Just head to the #NationalBurgerDay website, search for restaurants in your area, get your vouchers and prepare yourself for the burger sweats. Oh, and thank Mr Hyde for creating this magnificent beast of a day! (Header