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OK, so whilst my last post was fashiontastic, it has to be said that purchasing any of the featured pieces carries the distinct risk of giving your Bank Manager a Heart Attack. You might not know your Bank Manager. You might know him, and not like him very much. Your Bank Manager may even be your lover. Or your mum. The Bank Manager relationship possibilities are pretty much endless. But my point is, whether it's a love thing or a hate thing, sending them to an early grave courtesy of Phillip Lim et al is possibly not the best idea I've had this week. So, how can I balance this out? By giving you the details of all the lovely sample sales that are happening in our fair city this month. Yeeeee! I've even got some Bridal stuff with up to 70% of a designer gown for your big day - brilliant. Less money on dress = more money to spend on champagne! Oh, how we love a sample sale. Fabulous fashion for next to nothing. How could your Bank Manager even object? You're doing them a favour really..