Fire at Grenfell Tower – How You Can Help. | Love London | Lifestyle Blog
UPDATE: The latest statement from RBKC council states: "To people on here who want to help the Grenfell Tower residents can you offer a bed to people in the Grenfell Tower fire and those evacuated from nearby buildings? If so PLEASE EMAIL Nobody is accepting donations around here, at the moment. All the immediate help centres are "inundated", currently they do not know what they need. If people have something to offer then St Clements have asked you please leave your name, number and what you can offer with me and I will take it to them in a couple of hours and they will call you direct when and if they need what you are offering. Perhaps you can offer a family a bed for a night, or a place for their kids to watch telly nearby? Tesco has covered food and toilettries pretty well. Send your deepest love to this corner of London. There are many here who will desperately need it." - Amanda Gill" The fire at Grenfell Tower this morning has left us horrified.