Fashion Find: ElleBelle Attire – Online Boutique. | Love London | Lifestyle Blog
Fairly obviously, I spend quite a lot of my life on the internet. If I'm not here, I'm probably doing something in social media. And when I'm not working, I'm probably browsing, catching up with feedly, or shopping. I LOVE shopping. Online shopping, that is. I was never a huge fan of spending Saturday afternoons chasing through shopping malls. Traipsing from shop to shop, queuing at the changing rooms, hopping around in your pants in the freezing cold and staring at yourself in those awful mirrors...then queuing again to pay and repeating ten minutes later. So for me, e-commerce was heaven sent, and these days click and pay is the only way to go. While predictably I often buy from the usual suspects, such as ASOS, AllSaints and My-Wardrobe, I also love finding unique little boutiques from independent owners, whose online boutiques reflect their personal style. My latest find is Elle Belle Attire, an online boutique owned and run by Erin McGinley. Originally, Erin sold clothes to