LONDONS BEST: Members Clubs (Part 1) | Love London | Lifestyle Blog
I thought for a while about doing this post, but it's one I've basically written for several friends over the years anyway so why not. A lot of people have the impression that private members clubs are for the über wealthy, pretentious types who want to smoke cigars in the corner of a dark room clad with oak panels and discuss business over a glass of whisky, but I'm glad to report that times have changed! I am personally a massive fan of members clubs and I'll tell you why. Firstly, unless you are a member of somewhere, there is nowhere in London where you can go and have a glass of wine and a conversation after the pubs close. Most bars that are open past 11pm tend to play music too loud to talk over, but maybe don't have the right vibe to get you on the dance floor either. Massive fail in my books. Sometimes if I'm catching up with an old friend, I want to be able to chat uninterrupted until 3am and it not be difficult. Secondly, because there is a criteria for who gets membership,