Beat the January Blues.. | Love London | Lifestyle Blog
Ladies, we are in the second week of January now and I am so depressed I want gauge my eyes out with a spoon. Bored. The holidays are a distant memory and it seems the days are getting longer and wetter. Joy. However, I have worked out that there are few ways you can beat the blues. One is to book a holiday somewhere hot and sunny. Instead, I managed to book to go to Helsinki in February. Seriously. It will be like visiting a freezer for a week. They have more snow than ever before and its minus 27 on regular basis. Great. Another thing that you can try is to book yourself into a day spa and get pampered, plus throw in a little fake tan. However, the thing that works the best in my opinion is to go sale shopping. However, I would strongly advise to do this all online. Why would you go and spend a day in town and fight over cheap crap? The only way forward is to make a cup of coffee and start surfing. Most online retailers do great sales, but is my favorite. All the