The Best Places for an Alcohol Free Night Out in London | Love London | Lifestyle Blog
Let me start by saying, I never thought I'd be writing this article. Hell. Let's face it. I'm partial to Prosecco, wild about Whisky and mad for (and after) Martinis. BUT. I don't drink anywhere near as much, or as regularly as I used to. And, having been pregnant, I completely understand what it's like to want a night out in London and NOT be surrounded by trashed arseholes spilling Tequila down your top. I also recognise how many different types of people don't want to drink on a night out. Whether it's dry January, Religion, choice or necessity, not everyone wants a night out that's measured by the amount of Vodka you can neck. This particular post is triggered by a friend, who asked for some ideas for a night out for a mixed age group of non-drinkers. It's something I'd never really thought about on scale before, so it made me curious. Of course, there are options like the Theatre, or cinema...but not ALL non-drinkers want to have a quiet night out. Not drinking doesn't mean not