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Tom Ford is one of the world's most stylish men. This is a non-negotiable fact. The man oozes glamour and elegance from every pore. He's special - exceptionally good looking, supremely talented, and a devoted partner to his long term love, Richard Buckley, with whom he has just had his first child (Congratulations Tom & Richard!). He is basically what everyone is this world wants (except women want him to love them instead, of course). So when we stumbled across Tom Ford's 15 tips every man should have, we thought it was fair - our duty in fact - to share with our male readers. The tips were part of a conversation Tom had with for their 15 year anniversary, and we agree with every single one. 15 things every man should have... 1. A sense of humour It's so important! You'll often hear women put it at the top of their wishlist when looking for a man and there's good reason for that. You can be Tom Ford good looking, but if you're dull, or don't have the ability to laugh at