Free Knickers? Don't Mind If We Do… | Love London | Lifestyle Blog
Oh, I've talked about my love of underwear so much on this site it's almost embarrassing. a big boobed, slim woman, I still find it ridiculously hard to find gorgeous, reasonably priced matching lingerie that actually fits both top and bottom and makes me look smoking hot (rather than middle aged and frumpy) so when I do, I like to shout it from the rooftops. And when part of it comes free, I'm positively over-the-moon. My high-street underwear brand of choice, Boux Avenue, are currently doing an offer where you get matching knickers FREE with the bra of your choice (in the specified range, obvs). I am a sucker for free things, so immediately thought I should share this with let's face it...when is new underwear NOT a good thing (the answer to that question is NEVER). Now - while Boux Avenue are they are the only high street store I know that not only stocks my random bra size (30G - and not nearly as obscene as it sounds), but actually has pretty bras for one like me