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Last night's terror attack in our Capital has left me shaken to the core. Every attack leaves me emotional, of course. Every time I hear of a lost life, here, or in other countries, I'm overwhelmed by sadness. But yesterday hit a little closer to home. For the first time, I was only a few minutes away when it happened. And the thought that it could have been us? That they could have walked in to the pub we were in? That I might never have made it home to my son? Terrifying. Sliding doors. I'm a Hertfordshire girl now - but for the first time in a while, I was out in London yesterday. It was a friend's 30th, and we spent the day eating and drinking our way around the city, wandering from bar to bar. It was fantastic to be back in the buzzing, vibrant town I love so much - but as we stepped off the train and my friend and I declared how much me missed living there, I said... "I have a slightly uneasy feeling. Like it's not safe". And then we forgot about it and got back to the serious