I am completely obsessed with myfitnesspal | Love London | Lifestyle Blog
I think I have some kind of addictive gaming personality. When I look back over the years, I can think of so many games that have literally taken away days of my life. To name just a few…Lemmings, Mario Kart, Farmville (yep it got me), and now myfitnesspal. Now I know it's not a game in the traditional sense, but I have somehow turned it into one. Like it's some kind of balancing act of debiting and crediting calories – and my weight is the prize. And do you know what – I haven't lost a bloody pound either. I am losing terribly at this game. Think it might be because I lie to it at weekends, perhaps? Bottle of wine? What bottle of wine? (Save myself 605 calories.) I know you're all going to say it's not healthy to count calories, but I can't help it, I'M AN ADDICT! This app is pretty cool though. You tap in your vitals; height, weight, goal weight etc and it gives you a daily calorie, fat, protein and carbohydrate goal. You can then manually type in the foods and drink you have each