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I know no one likes a self-confessed gym addict – but after joining GYMBOX it would be fair to say I have become completely obsessed with the gym. GYMBOX (which was born out of a West-end car park in 2003) has a totally unique and fresh approach to fitness, which blows the beige, boring and snooty gym clubs out of the water. Live resident DJs, neon lights, the club-like interior and quirky classes replace all of the predictable things you'd expect from a gym – not to mention the "Very Personal Trainers", who are all extremely good looking. GYMBOX's philosophy is that there should never be pain without pleasure – so they've designed over 100 unique 'sweat fest' classes (which I can vouch for) to ensure working out is never boring or feels like a chore. Some of my faves include… Bottom Line A class completely dedicated to lifting, shaping and toning your bum and thighs (every girl's dream). Be prepared for a LOT of squats and lunges. Bikes and Beats A super high intensity spinning class