Fibromyalgia: It's More Than Just Pain! | Love London | Lifestyle Blog
So. This just happened. While I know that this was a question purely from curiosity, it made me realise how little most people (who don't live with it) know about this illness. It's not just about the pain. Fibromyalgia affects the sufferer deeply, on many levels - or at least it has for me. In all truth, until last year I'd never even heard of the condition, so I'm not angry about the lack of understanding. I just feel I should do something about it. Now. I must start by saying that everyone with this condition suffers differently. There are no set rules to say one persons experience will be the same as anothers. Some people are still able to work, some have their pain under control, but most people I have met with fibro also have other illnesses too. In my case it's Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, but there is an extensive list of problems that affect us alongside the pain. I'll start by explaining what I go through most days, to paint some kind of picture of this life. I wake around 7am,